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Bustle Magazine 

5 Feminist Ways to Celebrate Earth Day
Invest In Eco-Friendly Beauty Products And Sustainable Fashion Brands
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Amy Poelher's Smart Girls

Smart (and Ethical) Black Friday Alternatives
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Trend Prive Magazine\

MadeFAIR is Changing the E-Commerce Game
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Life Style Jusice
A New Ethical Favorite: MadeFAIR and New Ikat Scarves!
MadeFAIR offers a collection of ethically made clothing, shoes, accessories, and home goods with a minimalist, urban-chic vibe. You'll spot brands like Sseko, Komodo, as well as a few companies you probably haven't heard of yet. 
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10 eco friendly brands

10 Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands to Reduce Your Buyer's Remorse This Earth Day
We rounded up ten fashion brands that use recycled materials, engage in sustainable practices, or comply with Fair Trade regulations, just in time for Earth Day.
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The Good Trade
35 Fair Trade and Ethical Clothing Brands that are Betting Against Fast Fashion
MadeFAIR has put together a chic and fashionable collection of sustainable clothing that won't make you compromise your morals or your style.
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Introducing MadeFAIR, an ethical boutique for cool people
Curated fair trade shops often lean hippie or ultra feminine - styles I'm not that into - but MadeFAIR is simply cool.
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Why I don't use the words 'survivor,' 'needy,' or 'poor' in my marketing
We’ll never call an artisan a “survivor,” “at-risk,” or “underprivileged.” They’re seamstresses, craftsmen, and business owners.
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Femme Founder

Making Fashion Fair: Behind the Scenes with MadeFAIR Founder, Tavie Meier
“I don’t want to saturate the market. I want to replace the market. It’s not about squeezing in at the big kids’ table. It’s about pushing them completely off.”
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the note passer logo

The Business of Human Suffering: Charity's Transparent Fraud
"When there is a lack of demand, charities that work only to keep their doors open are, at best wasting money, and at worst perpetuating the social problems they originally formed to fix."
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