Ethical Black Friday 2016

We're still fighting the Black Friday fight. This year, we're offering The Linda Scarf for pre-order. Last year, we sold out of all 100 units of our Song Saa scarf, so reserve it, then spend the day outside.

Ethical Black Friday

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The Inspiration

As a new website, we’ve been inundated with advice on how to best prepare for the looming holiday shopping season, most notably, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We’ve carefully considered all of our options, composed meticulous inventory spreadsheets, and when all was said and done, we were overwhelmed and felt a bit militant toward this bizarre tradition.


However, we can't entirely #OptOutside

Upon speaking with a business adviser, shutting the site down during one of the busiest shopping days of the year may not be the best move for small business, which leaves us with a moral conundrum.

The scenes of customers trampling each other at a shopping mall are absurd.  Businesses that go from red to black are blessed. And the workers who make all of this stuff are anonymous, overworked, and underpaid.

While we love the holiday season and enjoy shopping for our friends and families, as an ethical clothing store, we cannot, in good conscience, fully participate in Black Friday or Cyber Monday knowing about the exploitative labor practices regularly used by much of the fashion industry, especially to meet holiday demand.

We should still be hungover on tryptophan (or tofurkey), not risking our lives at midnight door-busters. So we have a better idea: let's offer one ethically-made item and donate as much as we can to an organization that's changing the state of the industry. After all, it's Thanksgiving.

Between Nov. 27th and Dec. 1st, 50% of our total income will be donated to
Made in a Free World.


About Made in a Free World

MIAFW is a non-profit organization dedicated to eradicating modern-day slavery. They created the groundbreaking Slave Footprint app that educates consumers on ways to demand an end to exploitative labor practices. As one of MadeFAIR’s partners, they’re working with us and like-minded brands to eliminate slavery from our supply chains. Made in a Free World also runs field programs in Ghana and India designed to lift people from slavery and support them as the begin a new life.

Break down the cost

Black friday spending graph

Customers in Canada will be able to purchase the item for an added $10 shipping; UK and Australia, $18.

We can guarantee the first 99 scarves will be shipped in time for Christmas. If it sells out, there will be an option to back-order, but we can’t guarantee delivery before December 19th.

All sales will be final as this exact item will not be stocked by MadeFAIR after Cyber Monday. If, for whatever reason, we mess up your order through a technical glitch or human error (it happens), you'll be placed on the backorder list and receive our profits as a refund ($3.65). 

What we're selling



This cotton gauze shawl was handloomed in Takeo, a Cambodian province renowned for its meticulous weaving and hand-dying techniques. It’s our interpretation of the traditional Cambodian krama, worn by farmers and outdoor laborers to protect their heads and necks from the scorching equatorial sun.

We’ve given the krama a monochromatic makeover with clean, charcoal stripes on lighter, heather gray. Its generous proportion was made with the traveler in mind, lending itself as a shawl on an airplane or bus, then a chunky scarf without the bulk of wool.  Wrap it around your waist as a sarong, dig your toes into the sand, and find a great photo-op as the airy material catches the sea breeze.

Are you completely disinterested in the shawl and want to donate anyway? Click Here




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