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Thank you for being curious about MadeFAIR and finding yourself on this page.

We can't express our gratitude when women choose to shop with us and make the conscious decision to buy ethically-made products online. It takes a laudable amount of empathy and awareness to click past the inundation of fast fashion advertisements. So for that, we again say thank you.



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About Us MadeFAIR Packaging


MadeFAIR is an online retailer of ethical, sustainable, and Certified Fair Trade clothing and accessories. We search for the happy, fashionable medium between $500 leather bags and $3 handicrafts. We're based between the sleepy riverside town, Kampot, Cambodia, and the Mile High City, Denver, Colorado, from which all of our inventory is shipped.

Our business model is grounded in empathy for every person in our supply chain, whether it be the farmer who sows the cotton seed, the vendor who sells factory waste textiles, the craftsmen and women who construct the garment, and you, the customer. 

We're not Spin Doctors or wordsmiths over here. We'll always be honest and open about each piece in our shop, so if we missed something, just ask or tell us.



The Low-Down


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MadeFAIR is very much rooted, for better or for worse, in the Cambodia ex-pat lifestyle.  Backpackers come and go in their Cochella-inspired garb, but those long-termers who migrate from their homes -- from Denver to Manchester, Tokyo to Melbourne -- have jobs in nonprofit, hospitality, sustainability, and social business. These jobs require functional and fashionable wardrobes adapted to both the frigid winters back home and the perpetual equatorial sunshine of this beautiful -- but sometimes grinding --  country we call home. When we choose items for our little corner of the internet, we ask ourselves "which two cities will this be worn?"



Compassionate Capitalism


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Our founder, Tavie, worked years in non-profit, and noticed a problem: there are always several organizations within one city that address the same problems and compete for the same resources. For this reason, we're a for-profit retailer that invests in people. We've found the best way to change a widespread problem like worker exploitation and environmental degradation is investing in ethical and small businesses to  help them scale. 

We're not here to saturate the market. We're here to replace it. Ethical fashion is long-term capitalism at its best. It gainfully, and rightfully, employs people who make the items that define personal style -- an industry that might end with the zombie apocalypse. But, even then, survivors will probably still forage for sensible outfits.



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